About True Love Tattoo

The “True Love” Tattoo Studio opens its doors at the beginning of 2016 in Sestu just few minutes from Cagliari.
Matteo, founder and main artist of the studio thought to explain his love for this job with one simple word naming the studio in fact “True Love”.
Studies and Passion together with wonderful Artistic Skills allowed Matteo to open is own studio acrossing the line from ambitions to reality. In fact, hardwork and constancy paid his sacrifices.
Matteo is actually professionally growing step by step day after day and he is finding more works than expected in such a short time.

The mainly aim of the studio is reflecting the personality of the tattooer, he did focus his own works on contrasts between shadows and colours which Matteo use to show and proposes by sketch drawings.
Matteo learnt and improved his style simply using pencil and oil paintings. He has always had an innate passion for cartoons and street art. An important part of his work is to create a suitable fusion between this styles. Feel free to bring him your ideas even on a simply piece of paper and talk with him about customise your drawing with shapes and colours to obtain your unique tattoo.

Consultancies and sketch drawings are free of charges!
His tattooes are logically customised for every single person (except for different particular enquiries).
From the first consultancy he use to help the client throughtout the design of the tattoo together with suggestions regarding the most suitable part of the body where to make it also considering all aspects and sizes of the person’s body.

Matteo truly believe this is the right way to satisfy the client and make all tattooes as more personal as possible.
All the works and treatments are made in a sterilised and well cleaned area according with actual hygiene laws and standards also providing disposable and certified worktools and materials.

Our Location

The studio is located in Via Cagliari 100 in Sestu

Opening time:

From Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 1pm and from 4 to 8pm.
Saturday from 9.30 to 13.00, evening with programming.

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